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Keiki Hula (5-10 years)

Keiki Hula is geared for the youngest dancers. Dancers begin with learning hand motions and upper body movement to accompany Hawaiian storytelling and mele (songs). They then progress into integrating elements of rhythm, music, spatial awareness, and the lower half of the body for a comprehensive learning of Dance.  

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'Ōpio Hula (11-16 years)

ʻŌpio Hula is geared for pre-teens and teenagers. Dancers gradually work on their stamina and endurance in addition to the movements and meaning of hula, to best optimize their natural abilities and develop healthy habits. 


Ages 13-18: Popular hulas for this age group make dancing fun. The teens learn hand motions and foot steps to Hulas and progress to implements, chants and Tahitian.


Ages 18+: This is a fun, popular Hula class especially for adults (Wahinis) of any age. Hula is good exercise to beautiful Hawaiian music and it's fun! It's never too late to learn the Hula.

Private Lessons

Individual or small group-private lessons are available for any student wanting to progress quicker or in preparation for a special occasion. 
Single lessons or ongoing private lessons may be scheduled.

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