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About Aloha Hula Studio


Since 2012, Aloha Hula Studio is an established and thriving hula studio located in Rancho Cucamonga, California, founded under the direction of Donna Terry. Ms. Donna had skillfully created the foundations of AHS to be a space for hula dance for over 50 active students, performers, and their families in the Inland Empire. It is with aloha, respect, and gratitude for the esteemed legacy of AHS that the studio had undergone a transfer of ownership and instructorship.

Today, AHS is under the direction of Toni Kemehana Pasion. Toni Kemehana is a practitioner of Hawaiian and Filipino/x Dance forms and worldview, culture-based educator, community advocate, and dance company director. She currently teaches Filipino/x and Hawaiian Dance at the University of California, Riverside, and owns and operates an art gallery called A Stage of Our Own I.E. in Downtown Riverside. 

Toni Kemehana is a force in applied dance and culture, mind-body connection, and transformative art-making. She partners with community members and professionals with intentions to proliferate, develop, and cultivate Oceania worldviews and transformation through the creative arts. 

A lifelong learner, Toni Kemehana is also a practitioner of Filipino martial arts and yoga. Her background as a longtime professional dancer and scholar continue to inform her senses of healthy discipline and integrity in her teaching and learning styles. 

Toni Kemehana's teaching objectives are for students to learn dance foundationally as a method of connection and self-awareness, for students to feel support and guidance in their development to be the best version of themselves, and to plant seeds of mindful acts towards the flourishing of our local ecosystems through cultural activation, collaborative envisioning, and creative, free-flowing expression.   


Upcoming Events

Living Cultures Series & Workshops

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